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Testo Gas Analyzer

The Testo 320 is a high-quality measuring instrument for efficient flue gas analysis. Its wide measuring range makes it a reliable tool for enks to the automatic zeroing or the gas sensor, the instrument is ready to measure shortly after being switched on – only 30 seconds to start. For the measurement parameters O2, CO, temperature and pressure, the testo 320 has been TÜV-tested according to EN 50379, Parts 1-3.

The new flue gas analyser testo 320 solves every measurement task on a heating system. It offers numerous measurement menus, for example for flue gas, draught, differential pressure and ambient CO measurement. The large selection of variable probes makes the testo 320 even more efficient. You have everything you need for complex measurements on heating systems in one instrument. With the testo 320, you comply with all legal guidelines.

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