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AquaLab Co. Introduction

Decagon Devices, Inc. – Makers of the AquaLab Line of Products
Decagon designs, manufactures, and markets scientific instruments. The AquaLab division focuses on measuring total moisture (water activity, moisture content, and moisture sorption isotherms) in foods, pharmaceuticals, and other products.

Water Activity
When Decagon was founded in 1983, water activity was still an emerging concept in the food industry. Now most companies measure water activity to assure the safety and quality of their products. The speed and accuracy of the AquaLab series of water activity meters has become an industry standard.

Interesting Decagon Facts:

Decagon has done many novel water activity projects for manufacturers, including measuring the water activity of cupric oxide in air bags and determining the moisture content of plastic pellets.Decagon got a peek into military life when the Department of Defense Combat Feeding Program used water activity to make sandwiches with a three-year shelf-life for MREs.Decagon built a thermal and electrical conductivity probe for NASA’s Phoenix Scout Lander mission to Mars. The probe successfully gathered thermal and electrical properties data in addition to measuring atmospheric humidity and wind speed.

Quality Management at Decagon

In order to provide timely feedback to the high volume of vendor surveys and evaluation requests Decagon Devices, Inc. receives, Decagon has created a Quality Survey Response for our customers.  We have designed this response to fit the majority of the questions we are asked in regards to our Quality Management System, ISO9001:2008 registration and calibration services.

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