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Lauda Measuring and Calibration Thermostats

Measuring and thermostating in petro chemistry

With tailored solutions from LAUDA

The change in viscosity due to temperature fluctuations is of importance in those places where oils and fluids are produced, pumped, and moved. As before, capillary viscometry is the most precise and strictly standardized method used to measure absolute viscosities. LAUDA’s modular concept enables system configurations with a combination of the required functions.

Alongside surface tension, an important indicator of oil quality is interfacial tension. In addition to the conventional lamellae tension methods of Du-Noüy and Wilhelmy, LAUDA provides the drop volume and bubble pressure methods with which adsorption processes of amphiphilic additives or ageing products can also dissolve over time on interfaces. Suitable LAUDA thermostats cater for a constant temperature during the measurement processes.
In the global petrochemicals industry, LAUDA has already successfully executed a number of projects. Again and again, the extensive product portfolio has proven that it can develop individual solutions even for more unusual applications. As such, the LAUDA viscothermostats are optimized for use with the LAUDA viscometers PVS and iVisc. We will be happy to support you when selecting the best devices for your requirements. Simply get in touch with us.

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