Fungilab Introduction

Fungilab S.A. was founded in Barcelona in 1984. With over more than 25 years of experience operating in the viscosity world, Fungilab has become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in quality control equipment for viscosity measurement and an expert partner in this area. Fungilab’s main focus since its establishment has been to research, […]

Zwiebel Introduction

We have been providing our experience and expertise since 1828 Two centuries of experience have built up Zwiebel’s know-how, and it is establishing itself as France’s leading manufacturer of precision weights and masses. Our assets: very high-tech manufacturing systems and highly-innovative methods. Our company now works in a number of sectors:aeronautics, agribusiness, chemistry and pharmacology etc. Our […]

LAT Introduction

The company was founded in 1971 in Hanover, as a merger of two local Laboratory outfitters. Core of our businessis always the customer. We feel committed to the tradition, offering quality for reasonable prices. The intense dialogue with you, especially for custom-made products, is a prerequisite for  a successful problem solving. As a result of […]

IKA Introduction

Division laboratory equipment and analytical equipment Precision for ideas When top researchers and specialists stare at little vessels, mesmerized, it’s usually because of IKA. And it’s about samples and processes that change our future. After all, substances in all aggregation states under lab conditions and in production facilities are turned into innovative products with IKA. […]