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Hybrid Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator [MKH-700]

Top Image: MKA-610-ST
Bottom Image: MKA-610-TT

The large color LCD (8-inch wide) provides easy operations and better view of screen
Direct operations and maneuverability is now made possible with Touch screen LCD.
Simultaneous two titrations can be controlled individually. (JP Patent No. 2138712)
Built-in Compact Flash (CF) card slot for an additional user interface.
Operating unit and measuring unit can be separated The detachable measuring unit is convenient and useful for those samples requiring separation from operating unit.
Real time display of titration curve User can view the on-going titrations on display screen in real time.
Dispenser is now a standard equipment The reagent dispenser eliminates troublesome replacement of Karl Fischer reagent.
No necessity of changing the electrode sensitivity and endpoint potential KEM’s patented unique technology of end point detection by compensating liquid resistance eliminates the necessity of adjusting the electrode sensitivity and end point potential level to the individual solvent or sample type.
GLP/GMP conformance Check results on the titration unit with standard substances are recorded, which are self-filed in a series for review, and the advance notice automatically appears on display to prompt periodic check and reagent replacement on schedule.



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